Thursday, November 7, 2013

Back To Business

Im excited to get back into blogging. I haven't done it in a while and i definitely feel like i need a release from school and work and all things holiday craziness. Im getting flown out to LA in a little less then a week by my boss and i am so excited and i wanted to make sure i had a way to document everything so  why not start the blog back up now. I will make sure to get as many pictures up as i can and i just can't wait to go! So to get back in the grove of things i will just show you guys what i have been up to today and I'm so excited for the many things i have coming up. And also if you guess have any suggestions for what i should do while in LA let me know i have never been before and even though i wont have that much time to wonder around i want to know some of the must-dos.
Today and actually all this week has been a long week filled with school work and more work. With only two more weeks of this quarter finals are starting up and with only two more weeks until the start of the holidays work is getting busier then ever. I work in a boutique in downtown Savannah, GA and it is so amazing and we just have so much going on there and its only the beginning. But i cant complain i really have a great job that is giving me great opportunities in life. I just met my family for some sushi after work and took a nice walk through some of the parks. If you guys have never been to Savannah you really should go, it is absolutely BEAUTIFUL and so rich with history and culture.

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